iSi Cream Chargers x 10

iSi Cream Chargers x 10

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 iSi charger quality made visible—every charger is individually weighed electronically—with filling warranty.

Product Features

  • - Filled with 7.5g of pure Nitrous Oxide N2O gas.
  • - Painted Silver 
  • - Each charger is Individually weighed electronically 
  • - Made of 100% recyclable steel.
  • - Easy Installation. Non-refillable 
  • - Universal – standard 8g fitting.
  • - Disposable (Note: dispose of empty cartridge only!).
  • - One charger for a filling of approx. 0.5 L

  • - Manufacturers compliance standards & certifications: 100% Safety and leakage tests, full traceability of all production steps and continually improved internally developed manufacturing processes: at iSi Components in terms of quality, nothing is left to chance. The results speak for themselves: Audits carried out by independent experts, customers, and development partners, TÜV approved product safety and quality, and last but not least our ISO 9001:2008 certification, demonstrate the effectiveness of our quality assurance measures.